One in Eight - A senior primary resource about hunger, food, and our role in the world


One in Eight has been written to encourage discussion and debate on the broader values base of the issue of food and hunger; it is written and designed to encourage educational enquiry and discussion and is part of a broader debate on the increasingly unjust shape and structure of our world.

  • Section one reviews the importance of nutrition to each and every one of us; the ‘food pyramid’, its significance and the question of food waste.
  • Section two explores the nature, shape and impact of hunger worldwide – the who, where and why of hunger.
  • Section three begins a discussion on different types of responses to the issue and how we can contribute to its resolution.
  • A lesson-plan friendly approach has been adopted throughout with curriculum integration links, aims, materials, learning guides, learning objectives and keywords used in each lesson
  • Subjects covered by this resource include SPHE, Geography, Science, English and Mathematics. Green Schools support is also given

Author: Tony Daly and Ciara Regan

Publisher: Concern Worldwide

Year: 2013

ISBN: 978-0-9560981-0-8

Pages: 52

Country of Origin: Ireland

Keywords: Food, Hunger, Human Rights, Sustainable Development, Waste

Target Audience: Senior Primary

Curriculum Subjects: Education for Sustainable Development Social Environmental and Scientific Education Social Personal and Health Education

Available Formats: Activity Pack

Tags: Food Human Rights Hunger

Available from:

Download One in Eight PDF (4.77MB)


This resource includes 11 lesson plans to explore the variety of the topic of Food justice. The lessons are as follows:

Lesson 1: Wants and needs

Lesson 2: Nutrition and the food pyramid

Teacher Sheet: Food Glorious Food!

Lesson 3: Food labels – stop the traffic!

Lesson 4: The Waste Audit

Teacher Sheet: From Farm to Fork

Section 2: Food, hunger and the world

Teacher Sheet: What is world hunger and why does it exist?

Lesson 5: Myth Busters

Lesson 6: The Biscuit Game

Lesson 7: The Maize Factor

Food Fact Sheet

Section 3: Food Rights – Now!

Lesson 8: The MUAC arm band and Plumpy’nut bars: responding to a food crisis

Lesson 9: Food rights and ending world hunger

Lesson 10: The Waste Audit

Lesson 11: Action on World Hunger – the class petition

Become a Hunger Hero!

This resource also includes a lesson plan guide, a list of reasons why it is important to learn about hunger, and a curriculum links table. This resource is well designed, and each lesson is laid out clearly and an in accessible manner.

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