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Project Honduras – video game


Project Honduras is an online strategy game where the primary goal is to show young people (and anyone else!) how important it is for communities to work together to combat climate change.

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Project Honduras is an online game about a country that is frequently rocked by droughts, floods and storms due to climate change.

You play as the leader of a disaster relief centre who helps locals by providing volunteers for tasks that you think will help Honduras with the upcoming disaster.

Your score is determined by the importance of the task and if it helps the community at large.

So choose wisely.

  • Typical game play time: 15-20 minutes per game
  • Suitable for young people and gamers from ages 10+
  • Suitable for desktops and interactive whiteboards
  • Project Honduras is the first online Development Education game of its kind in Ireland, and won the International Educational Game Competition 2018 at the Educational Conference on Games-based Learning in France.

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