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SOS: An interactive learning resource and guidance notes


SOS is a development education programme for children at Key Stage 1-2 (years 3-5) that explores the theme of Self, Others and our relationship to ‘Stuff’ and consumerism.

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The resource aims to:

  • Develop children’s self-esteem and their own self-worth by exploring what makes them unique.
  • Build on children’s understanding of themselves through their relationships with others and specifically our relationships with the global south.
  • Explore how we make decisions and choices, especially around consumerism and how these can affect people in other parts of the world.

Includes: teaching and learning activities, methods and worksheets; what to do; resources needed; links for further support; learning intentions; success criteria; warm ups; closure activities.

Resource was inspired by some of the material on the Story of Stuff website.

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Download SOS: An interactive learning resource and guidance notes PDF (4.8KB)