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The Global YOUth – Journey to Act!


Build solidarity, engage on story ‘archetypes’ and action on global issues affecting people and planet into your youth work and activism with this easy to use resource pack.

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The Global YOUth – Journey to Act! and its 13 activities are designed to make it as easy as possible for you to look at the big issues with your group. No matter if you are short on time, or don’t feel you have enough knowledge – there is something in here for you.

Broken into 4 stages, the resource includes the knowledge, skills and guided activities for you to use with and for young people, using non-formal development education methodologies:

  1. Connect with the ‘self’
  2. Meeting young people where they are at
  3. Seeing and claiming our global identity
  4. Collective action

This resource is particularly striking on issues of solidarity, such as activities on:

  • ‘individualism’ vs ‘collectivism’
  • the international vaccine equality COVAX scheme
  • tackling the inequality pandemic – on 3 big issues: global hunger, the climate emergency and gender – and
  • journeys taken towards building collective action (such as game theory, cooperation and competition approaches).

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