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The Outsiders: Children living in DP in Ireland


A Teaching  Unit to support junior cycle English and Civic, Social and Political Education, using the RTE radio documentary: ‘The Outsiders: Our teenage life behind barriers’, which examines the experiences of young people living in the direct provision system in Ireland (bringing the voices of these teenagers into the classroom using clips from a radio documentary) and encourages students to see direct provision as part of the larger global challenge of displaced populations

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The focus of resource is to attempt to address the lack of information and misinformation about asylum seekers in the Irish direct provision system. Lesson activities are structured around the experiences of two teenage girls, Natasha Maimba and Minahil Sarfraz, two of the 1,227 children living in direct provision accommodation centres (2015 statistic). Their story, which was broadcast as an RTE Radio 1 documentary in 2014 (produced by Carl O’Brien and Ciaran Cassidy), entitled ‘The Outsiders: Our teenage life behind barriers’, recounts their daily challenges and frustrations, and their future hopes.

The resource consists of six lessons, the equivalent of approximately 7 hours of class contact time. After Lesson Six students engage in an oral communication project involving independent work and the presentation of a persuasive speech.

The resource outlines lesson learning intentions, approximate teaching time, materials required, useful links – including curriculum links, step by step instructions, worksheets, teacher tips, homework tasks, and more.