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It’s time for a fashion revolution: White paper December 2015


‘From human rights abuses and poverty level wages to water, waste, energy, overconsumption and many other exploitative practices, the fashion industry is in desperate need for transformational, systemic change’. This white paper references some of the ethical and social problems within the fashion industry, and argues a major change or revolution is needed in the industry.

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On 24 April 2013, over 1,130 people were killed when the Rana Plaza factory complex collapsed in Dhaka, Bangladesh. 2,500 more were injured. The people crushed under those eight floors were working for familiar fashion brands in one of the many negligent accidents that plague the garment industry. Fashion revolution was born on the day that Rana Plaza collapsed. This disaster acted as a metaphorical call to arms. 1,130 is too many people to lose from the planet in one factory, on one terrible day without that standing for something. We believe that the cost of fashion shouldn’t be someone’s life. We mustn’t allow tragedies like Rana Plaza to remain an unfortunate reality of contemporary life. Today, both people and the environment are still suffering as a result of how fashion is made, sourced and purchased.’

This white paper covers the following topics:

  • The business of fashion
  • Human rights and working conditions
  • Wages
  • Water, chemicals and Carbon
  • Transparency and Traceability
  • ‘Who made my clothes?’
  • The fashion revolution

Overall this white paper gives a good overview of issues within the fashion industry and details how the organization plans to address these. Major points are referenced and the paper provides a bibliography for finding more information

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