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Trade Unions and Development Cooperation


This 20-page briefing resource – from the ICTU’s Global Solidarity project – is designed to show how we can work in partnership with the official government aid agencies to support international development efforts, to work towards poverty reduction worldwide, and to promote progress towards the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) – whilst always working towards our own priorities of decent work, social justice in the work place, and a fairer globalisation for all.

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The resource outlines the role of trade unions in various international development agendas including:

  • international development and the trade union agenda – with a focus on cooperation with agencies such as the ILO in securing decent pay for decent work;
  • Labour standards and International development – as a human right and human freedom through Core Labour Standards;
  • exploring the 8 MDGs as a core aid focus and exploring Irish Aid and DFID as official development aid agencies;
  • Trade Unions and Government Aid money in the UK and Ireland; a case study of Trade Union capacity building in Lesotho;
  • the Quality of Overseas Development Assistance; linking Trade Unions and Development Cooperation.

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Download Trade Unions and Development Cooperation PDF (1.79MB)