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Your Place or Mine?


This pack examines issues raised by the relationship between land and power through historical and present day examples and encourages young people to think about their responsibilities and their vision for the future, using examples from South Africa and Scotland.

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Through considering issues associated with land, students are encourages to examine the issues of justice, equality and sustainable development, as well as to explore their own rights and responsibilities. Comparisons between South Africa and Scotland show the links between people’s lives locally and globally, and reveal how people face similar issues and struggles the world over.

The materials (book+CD Rom) will encourage young people to appreciate conflicts of interest, make informed judgements, develop a sense of stewardship for the environment, and understand the links between their lives and of others throughout the world. The CD has 10 interactive activities as well as case studies and further examples which complement and extend the work in the teacher’s pack.

Even though examples from South Africa and Scotland are used, it would be easy to substitute for local areas as well.

Suggested use: Stimulus material.

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