Countries Displacing People Within Their Own Borders

“In 2015, 8.6 million people were newly displaced within the borders of their own countries by armed conflict, generalised violence, and human rights violations, according to the Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre (IDMC). That figure is more than the entire population of Tajikistan.”

– UN Refugee Agency Global Trends 2015 report, p.29

Top 9 Largest Internally Displaced Populations (IDP) by country in 2015

CountryTotal number of IDP in 2015New IDP in 2015
Colombia6.9 million113,700
Syrian Arab Republic6.6 million- 1 million
Iraq4.4 million808,700
Sudan3.2 million639,500
Yemen2.8 million2.5 million
Nigeria2.2 million964,000
Ukraine1.6 million800,000
Democratic Republic of Congo1.6 million637,900
Afghanistan1.2 million492,600

Source: UN Refugee Agency Global Trends 2015 report. For detailed statistics on global internal displacement, see the IDMC website at