Poorest Countries in the World

Top 10 Poorest Countries of the World (GDP Per Capita 2015)

Per capita gross domestic product is an approximation of the value of goods produced per person in the country, equal to the country's GDP divided by the total number of people in the country.

CountryCurrencyGDP per Capita (US$)
Congo, Democratic Republic ofCongolese Franc348.00
ZimbabweZimbabwean dollar456.00
LiberiaLiberian Dollar487.00
NigeriaNigerian naira600.00
BurundiBurundian franc615.00
Central African RepublicCentral African CFA franc615.00
EritreaEritrean nakfa777.00
Sierra LeoneSierra Leonean Leone849.00
TogoWest African CFA franc826.00