Most Underreported Humanitarian Stories of 2015

  • Guatemala

    Political Crisis – Former president and vice president implicated in alleged fraud syndicate
  • India/Nepal

    India’s trade blockade of Nepal, which forced it to introduce fuel rationing and its economy to a halt.
  • Bangladesh’s Climate Change Peril

    An impoverished nation with tiny carbon emission levels could well be left suffering from the most brutal effects of climate change as land that’s home to millions sinks below sea level.
  • The Nicaraguan Canal Project

    A plan to construct the world’s biggest man-made waterway to allow ships passage across South America could have devastating environmental consequences
  • Cambodian Sex Tourism

    Rich Westerners are exploiting the extreme poverty of a developing nation to encourage the trafficking of young women and girls for sex.
  • Lebanon On the Brink Of Civil War

    Extensive efforts to revive a country that’s suffered prolonged periods of instability and violence have been undermined by the troubles of its neighbouring nations, leaving many fearing it may once again descend into civil war.
  • Mugabe’s Regime in Zimbabwe

    The tyrannical rule of Robert Mugabe has left a nation with a once diverse, prospering economy on the verge of ruin.
  • China’s Maritime Ambitions

    China’s seizure of territory in the South China Sea could see the world’s two superpowers square up for a potential ‘armageddon’.
  • Yemen’s Political Implosion

    An ongoing civil war in Yemen threatens stability in a country of strategic and geographic importance to the Middle East – and to the security of the West.
  • South East Asia’s Palm Oil Production

    The production of palm oil across southeast Asia has destroyed millions of acres of forest and shows no signs of abeyance as global demand for the essence continues to drive expansion.

Source: Huffington Post and Statista (2015)