What do you want your world to look like? What are you going to do about it?

The countdown to One World Week is well underway with only 11 days to go before a week of youth-led awareness raising, education and action will take place throughout Ireland during the third week in November.

Organised by the National Youth Council of Ireland’s development education programme annually, One World Week 2013 takes place from November 16-24. This year’s theme is The World Young People Want.

During One World Week young people learn about local and global justice issues and take action to bring about change. Youth groups all over the country do activities from the education pack. Some organise public events, quizzes and debates, invite guest speakers or have intercultural evenings. Many groups publicly display the work they have done in preparation for One World Week, or lead other people in doing a public action.

The week is supported with a raft of resource sheets and ideas for taking action on any one of the local and global justice issues youth groups may be taking up. These include:

The resources have been designed for youth groups to dip in and out and choose what’s relevant for them on their chosen topic for the week – and there’s plenty to pick from whether it be human rights, sustainability or other issues such as child labour, conflict, climate change, child soldiers, debt, discrimination and many more.

Over 30 groups around Ireland are undertaking projects in the lead up to the national events. By the end of November trainings will have taken place in Carlow, Waterford, Leitrim, Kerry, Galway, Meath, Dublin, Laois, Westmeath, Limerick and Cork involving almost 500 youth workers, student youth and community workers and volunteer youth leaders.

That’s a lot of activity!

We’ll be watching out for the many actions that will unfold across Ireland over the course of the week and will hopefully catch up with some of it too – so good luck to all involved and make your actions count!

Central action
The NYCI team want to hear from young people (from anywhere in the world) on this year’s theme and are asking two questions:

  1. What is the world that young people want? (locally/nationally/globally) – “I want a world…”
  2. What are they willing to do to make it happen?

Email sentences to deved@nyci.ie by Friday, November 8th 2013 and only sentence responses per person for each question.
Two central events will showcase projects from the week so make it your business to catch them if you can:

Wednesday, November 20th | Irish Aid Centre, Dublin | 10am-3pm |This will be a showcase of One World Week youth work activity

Friday, November 22nd | Athlone | 5pm-9pm | This will provide a platform for learning more about global justice and development education activities in the Midlands focusing on consumption, fair trade and the environment



Visit www.oneworldweek.ie

Email deved@nyci.ie (Valerie Duffy, One World Week Coordinator)

Call (01) 4784122

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