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Calling all change makers!

Are you a change maker in your community? Are you looking to develop your skills and knowledge around global issues? Do you want to join


Technology has changed activism. From public opinion campaigns to e-petitions, technology has changed the meaning of activism, and created a new sphere of online action

Infographic: which kind of activist are you?

Links mentioned in the infographic Read up on global issues, visit: World’s Best News The Guardian Inside Out: stories from a Developing World

The climate for activism is now

It’s hard to escape the ‘devastation’ that the ‘adverse weather conditions’ have ‘ravaged’ across the UK and Ireland, to limit it closer to home. Writing

The long fight for justice in Guatemala

Sally O’Neill reflects on Trócaire’s groundbreaking work in Guatemala which began over 30 years ago and the recent genocide trial of former dictator Rios Montt.

The power of dreams

Rising to speak at the Lincoln Washington Memorial on 28th August 1963, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was standing at the summit of racial segregation

Big shoes to fill

Today is the 5th annual Nelson Mandela Day, since it’s inauguration in 2009 on Nelson Mandela’s birthday – the 18th of July. Today he turns