Live at the constitutional convention: debating economic, social and cultural rights for Ireland #ESCrights #ccven

The right to health…the right to education…the right to housing…the right to an adequate standard of living…

Can we afford to pay for these human rights?

What are the arguments for ESC rights and against ESC rights?

Would placing ESC rights into the constitution place an undue pressure on the separation of powers between the courts, parliament and the government?

Watch the proceedings live from the Constitutional Convention where 100 delegates consider a range of economic, social and cultural rights within the context of constitutional reform in Ireland.

Background documents from the speakers on the day can be found here, including the proceedings and running order. Speakers include Dr Liam Thorton UCD, Prof. Aoife Nolan, David Fennelly BL plus Colm O’Gorman (Amnesty Ireland) and Mary Murphy (Irish Human Rights Commission) arguing the case for ESC rights and Michael McDowell (Senior Council) arguing the case against ESC rights.

Watch the day’s proceedings live below:

About the Constitutional Convention

The Convention is a new venture in participative democracy in Ireland tasked with considering certain aspects of the Constitution to ensure that it is fully equipped for the 21st Century and making recommendations to the Oireachtas on future amendments to be put to the people in referendums.

The Convention is a decision-making forum of 100 people, made up of 66 citizens, randomly selected and broadly representative of Irish society; 33 parliamentarians, nominated by their respective political parties and including an elected representative from each of the political parties in the Northern Ireland Assembly which accepted an invitation from the Government; and an independent Chairman (Tom Arnold).

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Note: videos and documentation from the day will be made available here following the event.