What we’re watching: men considering the ‘other’ side; the danger of a single story; updating Marx

The danger of a single story

In an increasing environment where there appears to be insufficient time and intolerance in considering the ‘story’ of another, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie TED talk (with nearly 9 million views!!) is brilliant in alerting us to the ‘danger of a single story’ and warns that “if we hear only a single story about another person or country, we risk a critical misunderstanding.”

On the same theme, is an animated version utilising a Snail and a Caterpillar to illustrate the need to see life from the someone else’s perspective.

What if men experienced the ‘other’ side

To promote Menstrual Hygiene Day on the 28 May, WaterAid developed a series of videos that explored how differently the realities of menstruation would be ‘tackled’ if men were directly impacted. The daily challenges of menstruation impacts most severely on women and girls in developing countries.

See also the blog about one man who committed his life to developing solutions for the women’s menstrual challenges in India.

If Marx were to update his findings – more than a century and a half later?

In less than 2 minutes, BBC Radio 4 summarises Karl Marx’s Theory of Alienation of the 1800s. Something to reflect on the next time you consider ‘un’fairly traded or unethical products/services.