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The 2015 tallies are in and visitors voted with their clicks as the results from the most popular blogs from the year are in.


As expected, the Sustainable Development Goals featured strongly which were agreed in September at the United Nations, as well as rising issues such as the biggest issue of the year on Europe’s shores – the refugee crisis in the Mediterranean.

The topic of activism was also quite popular either in reportage or in the form of ‘tools’ such as the infographic produced to coincide with the European Year for Development.

Here’s the rundown for 2015’s top 10 blogs on


10. Development education: roots and values by Colm Regan | 13th March 2015 | The argument is often put forward that ‘development education’ remains ill-defined and that the ‘public’ will understand our work better if it is re-labelled. It may be worth re-iterating the roots of our work and why the term development education is important and accurate and why abandoning it would weaken and dilute our agenda.

9. Naming the unnameable: poetry and the refugee crisis by Vicky Donnelly | 29th September 2015 | Salman Rushdie suggests that it is, “A poet’s work … to name the unnameable,” and so here are some suggestions of pieces that may help to delve deeper into the shocking images conveyed on the evening news.

8. Challenging the Crisis: young people across Europe united over concern for development by Maeve Glavey, Sean O’Connell and Adam Sweetman | 15th Jan 2015 | The European Year for Development offers Irish people a similar chance to broaden the aims of our politics and make our voices heard, and Action 2015 provides a gateway for anyone who wants to get involved.

7. Infographic: which kind of activist are you? by Tony Daly and Grace McManus | 18th September 2015 | produced to coincide with the European Year for Development in conjunction with Dóchas and the publication of the World’s Best News.

6. Lesson plan: exploring the refugee crisis in the Mediterranean through images and words by Clifton Rooney | 5th October 2015 | a 4 step lesson plan for teaching and exploring the refugee crisis issues in the Mediterranean, the politics of the area, the geography, the history and the human stories.

5. An SDG Guide for starters! by Colm Regan | 23rd September 2015 | As with the MDG agenda, the Sustainable Development Goals provide those of us involved in development education with a rich and engaged agenda upon which to discuss and debate many of the world’s key challenges.

4. ‘Non-listening, non-seeing, non-feeling…’ – the migration crisis in the Mediterranean: information, discussions and debates by Colm Regan | 28 May 2015 |The crisis in the Mediterranean is but the latest horrific example of an ongoing but increasingly contentious worldwide phenomenon of migration now sadly a political football in some many states.  Presented here are some of the headline figures around the issue along with a very brief listing of some useful links.

3. Teachers of the world join in to create the World’s Largest Lesson by | 1 April 2015 | in September 2015 the world will have a plan. What’s yours? Help to create the world’s largest lesson.

2. The refugee crisis in the Mediterranean: 5 things you can do right now by Grace McManus | 3rd September | the horrifying image of the boy drowned trying to flee Syria has gone viral in the last twenty four hours. People are outraged and rightly so. It is important we turn that outrage into action. But what can we do?

1. Top 10 Facts about the Fairtrade movement in Ireland by Tony Daly | March 20th 2015 | taking stock of 10 facts from Ireland’s contribution to the global Fairtrade movement.


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