Top 10 videos of the year (so far)

1. Still The Most Shocking Second A Day Video (child refugees)                 

Following on from their most shocking second a day video in 2014, this video from Save The Children highlights the ongoing story of a typical unaccompanied refugee child journeying from Syria to Europe. It is a harrowing, deeply upsetting and poignant video which tests the viewers’ empathy to the limit. Highly recommended.

 2. The Beauty Of Human Skin In Every Colour ( race/racism)

Angélica Dass’s photography challenges how we think about skin color and ethnic identity. In this personal TED talk, hear about the inspiration behind her portrait project, Humanæ, and her pursuit to document humanity’s true colors rather than the untrue white, red, black and yellow associated with race.

This video is emotional, eye opening and ultimately uplifting. Suitable for both young people and adults alike.

3. The Causes of Gun Violence Identified (gun violence)                                                

One of the major topical issues in America at the moment is gun violence. Another dominating theme (thanks to Donald Trump) is the relationship between Islam and gun crime. But are these issues as closely related as many people argue? This GOOD magazine video debunks the myths using statistics form 2015 and challenges some common messages that we receive in Western media.

4. ‘We The People’ For Global Goals (Sustainable Development Goals, global goals)                                                          

“Let’s get to work, let’s make it happen!” This ‘Global Goals’ video features celebrities, activists and global citizens alike all with the same message – that they support the global goals for sustainable development. The video talks through each goal quickly and explains the agenda in an easy to relate to way. Suitable for classrooms and universities alike.

5. Divestment And Climate Change Explained (climate change)                                         

“Vulnerable communities in developing countries are feeling the impacts of climate change the most. Removing investments or ‘divesting’ money from fossil fuel companies is one way of taking action on climate change.”

This short animation video explains Trócaire’s divestment campaign in a clear and catchy way. It will have you convinced in no time.

6. We’re Not So Different. Let’s Stand as One (unity and solidarity)

This Oxfam GB video is less educational and more inspirational, but could be an important resource in workshops and lessons (particularly about solidarity.) The message of the video is to stand ‘as one with the millions of people forced to flee conflict, disaster and poverty to make sure they get the essential help and protection they urgently need. ‘

7. Young People Can- Restless Development 2015  (youth activism)   

Young people are often the key actors in social change. From ‘responding to the earthquake in Nepal, to making a sustainable living for themselves in Uganda, to campaigning to end AIDS in the UK, to campaigning for promises to be kept in Tanzania and being heard by President Obama at the United Nations,’ this ‘Restless Development’ video highlights some big actions young people have taken from across the world in the last year.

8. If The World Were 100 People (inequality)

Its an idea we’ve explored on this website previously, but this GOOD magazine video is perfect for kick starting the conversations around inequality and justice issues in the world again. If the world were 100 people, explore how many would have a mobile phone, how many would live on less than two dollars a day, how many would be malnourished…

9. Ghana’s Eco-Friendly Bamboo Bikes AJ+ (sustainable development)

We know that major creativity is needed if we are to live more sustainable lives. One of the best examples of a creative sustainable business is Ghana Bamboo Bikes who’s model and products are outlined in this uplifting and inspiring video.

10. Development is a Human Right (human rights)

A good introduction video, this short UN Human Rights clip outlines the concept of development routed in the UN declaration of Human Rights. The ‘Development’ agenda is not just an idea, it is a mechanism for enforcing human rights and this video explores the relationship between the two.

11. Would You Stop If You Saw This Little Girl On The Street? (prejudice, refugees) 

“They were all telling me to go away.” Anano, 6, is a child actor. But the situation she’s in is very real. Every day, millions of children living in poverty are ignored, pushed aside and deprived of everything they need to thrive. This video challenges perception and prejudice, and tugs at the heart strings in the process.


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