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Climate Change

World Food Day round-up

The World Food Day round-up includes new features and interactives for teaching and learning based on key drivers of hunger today

Meet the Cartoonist – Q&A with Martyn Turner

Join us for a special lunchtime event with one of Ireland’s best known political commentators – cartoonist Martyn Turner as he shares his experience, his stories and perspectives, his art and his ‘take’ on human rights, development and sustainability.

We cannot rest

This week marks the countdown to the global climate strike demonstration on Friday September 20th, 2019. In a series of blogs, will be marking

The climate for activism is now

It’s hard to escape the ‘devastation’ that the ‘adverse weather conditions’ have ‘ravaged’ across the UK and Ireland, to limit it closer to home. Writing

Climate change: iceberg right ahead?

Last week the 3 hour documentary Titanic: The Final Word with James Cameron aired on television, thanks to the National Geographic, boasting the latest data

The Carbon Map

Welcome to The Carbon Map (click to view). Its aim: to make sense of climate change responsibility and vulnerability. The site uses interactive cartograms (maps

Current and future costs: COP17

The cost for South Africa of hosting COP 17 will, it is estimated, amount to some 400 million rand (approx. €40 million).  The funds will