That’s a wrap for the consultations on Ireland’s approach to overseas aid and international development work

Since the start of September, staff at the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and Irish Aid, Ireland’s overseas aid development programme, have been working overtime.

Public events in Cork, Galway, Sligo, Limerick and Dublin, plus a call for written submissions, have occupied the collective ears of Irish Aid in a broad consultation process with the Irish public (and overseas) to discuss and review Ireland’s proposed new approach to overseas development work for the next five years.

Despite my best attempts to register for the public consultation event in Dublin yesterday, the 180-person capacity limit was reached at the Irish Emigration Museum. It’s interesting to observe that public listening and discussion exercises such as this are quite capable of drawing in the crowds. I imagine if another date was added to the listen exercise roster it may very well, once again,

A tour through the tweets sent out gives us a flavour of some of the pressing raised in public (we’ll have to wait for the consultations report for more detail).

The launch event for Irish Aid’s 2017 annual report ahead of the Dublin consultation brought a particular momentum to the night (we’ll be covering the annual report in another blog).