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Irish Aid

We’re 100 blogs old!

This week marks the 100th post since we launched the blog just over a year ago. Thanks to all our readers and contributors for

We need to talk about Kevin

This article is a response to Kevin Myers’ opinion piece on Friday, 5th October in The Irish Independent, titled: Why do we send money to

Blood Wood

 “Without forest we would have no access to clean water as the source of life …Forest is like the skin covering our body.” Chut Wutty 

When aid is ‘debated’

Image: Plantu (France). See our cartoon library for more Mention ‘Africa’, the ‘Developing World’ or ‘Poverty’ and sure enough, it’s yet another debate on ‘aid’,

5 Aid myths busted

Overseas aid agendas of governments and proposed cuts in real spending on aid budgets are under review across donor countries. The prolonged global recession, rising

Africa Day 25th May 2011

Africa Day, initiated by the African Union and supported by Irish Aid since 2008, falls on the 25th of May every year. To celebrate Africa