Guidelines for Producing Development Education Resources consultation submissions

Are you involved in development education / global citizenship education resource production? Then this consultation is for you!

This year and the Irish Development Education Association are updating the Guidelines for Producing Development Education Resources to support the production of high-quality education resources on global issues.

A short 1-hour consultation event was held on the 15th December to facilitate ideas and recommendations to update the guidelines based on new trends in education and in practice.


For those who were unable to attend, we are accepting online submissions. What’s missing? Tell us!

Submission Questions:

Addressing three guiding questions are suggested as part of making submissions, which were engaged during the consultation event:

  • Question 1: Standards
    When producing resources what supports are needed to ensure high quality standards are included during the development phase?
  • Question 2: Balance
    What would you recommend in ‘balancing’ curriculum development links, content and perspectives on global issues and user needs in producing resources?
  • Question 3: Impact
    How can we improve tracking the impact of resources to better understand engagement and associated learning, as well as monitoring and evaluation needs?

Note: other points may be made but these are the core set that responses are invited to cover.

And as a brief reminder:

About the Guidelines

The guidelines are being updated in order to animate and support anyone – whether an individual or an organisation – thinking about producing resources. The guidelines are being informed by the open consultation with development education practitioners and the findings of the 2021 Audit of Development Education Resources. They are not intended to be prescriptive; rather they represent a set of collective ideas and suggestions for discussion and debate.

The aims of these guidelines are fivefold:

  1.  To support the continued high standard of DE/GCE resource production in Ireland
  2.  To support educators, teachers, writers, non-governmental organisations and individuals working to produce a development education resource
  3.  To provide a series of ideas, options, choices, key questions and viewpoints to consider
  4.  To offer a set of questions that encourage discussion and debate on the reasons and rationale for producing resources
  5.  To encourage reflection on a broad range of issues associated with producing a resource from a development and human rights perspective within a popular educational approach and ideas to very practical and immediate ‘technical’ concerns.