Getting started with global issues – a primary level guide

Photo: © Clifton Rooney (2017) hosts a wide range of materials and resources that cover diverse global development themes and issues. These are presented through a variety of media including, but not limited to: videos, photographs, cartoons, animations, current affairs, infographics and more. This section aims to provide inspiration with selected ideas and recommendations for incorporating the tools and resources presented throughout this website to support the introduction and integration of development education into the classroom. Want to know where all of this fits? Here are some possible opportunities and links to the Primary curriculum!

Now let’s get started!


Doing DE: Starter Guide

This section has been designed to be a quick, accessible and usable introduction to development education (DE) with ideas and activities that can be immediately used

Inspiration from Stories of Change

Looking for ideas and learning lessons based on practice? Experimental group projects and campaigns from across Ireland and beyond, from young people and adults alike


Resources library

Searchable by topic, publisher, format, SDG, country/region of focus, intended audience

SDG Explorer

Quickly find resources from our library that are relevant to each of the Sustainable Development Goals, 1 through 17

How to teach trade inequality

Peter Manning presents a brief guide to teaching inequality in a primary schools context

Extra-Curricular Opportunties for Primary level

A study of opportunities and linkages for primary level from the NCCA

Team Planet: An Action Pack on Ourselves and the World

Team Planet is an active learning programme focused on the themes of environment and interdependence designed for use at individual class levels but also on a whole-school basis.

50 Picture Books to Change the World

Here is an annotated list of books for Primary students, exploring identity, feelings, decisions, safety, friendship, peace and conflict, family, citizenship, global children’s narratives and the environment