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Anti-Rumours Resource pack


The anti-rumours campaign aims to dispel the widespread myths and misconceptions around the topic of immigration and migrant integration, by providing evidence-based answers and utilising social networks to spread the message of the campaign far and wide.

This Training Resource Pack was designed to assist community and youth workers with an interest in addressing anti-racism issues with their groups. The training resource is a useful compilation of activities and worksheets and includes topics such as stereotyping, power, and refugee protection

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Resource Contents:

Module 1 Stereotypes and Rumours

  • Group exercise on stereotypes & rumours
  • Definitions: Stereotypes, Prejudice, Discrimination, Rumours
  • Worksheet on Universal, Cultural & Personal Traits
  • Worksheet on Stereotypes
  • Group Exercise on Effects of Stereotyping & Labelling

Module 2 Racism, Discrimination and Power 

  • Group exercise on Power
  • Group exercise on racism
  • Group exercise on Discrimination
  • Worksheet on discrimination
  • Definitions

Module 3 Refugee Protection

  • Worksheet on Definitions
  • Refugee Protection and the right to Asylum
  • Case Studies
  • Teacher Resource sheet

This resource clearly guides the user to conduct workshops that explore the described topics with depth. Each workshop has a step by step guide and support documents (e.g. worksheets) are provided.

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This resource was written as a part of the ‘anti-rumours’ campaign – See more at the Doras Luimní wesbite.