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Athrú Aeráide, Ceartas Aeráide

Year: 2017 | Published by: Trócaire

Acmhainn oideachais don iar-bhunscoil.

Cothroime? Cumhachtú na mBan i Siarra Leon

Year: 2018 | Published by: Trócaire

Acmhainn oideachais don iar-bhunscoil.

Ionad Dídine? – Acmhainn Oideachas Forbartha Iarbhunscoile: Cearta ar Thalamh & Dídeanaithe

Year: 2019 | Published by: Trócaire

Mír 3 den turas oideachais trí bliana as gaeilge maidir leis na Spriocanna Domhanda um Fhorbairt Inbhuanaithe (SFI). Beifear ag …

The Roles We Play: Recognising the Contribution of People in Poverty

Year: 2015 | Published by: ATD Fourth World

Using images, ‘The Roles We Play’, facilitates the voices of diverse individuals who are experiencing poverty in various contexts. It …

Growing together to leave no-one behind: UN Day for the Eradication of Poverty 17 October 2016 – Dublin

Year: 2016 | Published by: ATD Fourth World

Growing Together to Leave No One Behind, is a report on the proceedings of the International UN Day for the …

The Case for Fossil Fuel Divestment

Year: 2015 | Published by: An Taisce

Climate change is at a speed unprecedented in all human experience and is happening now as a result of human …

80-20 Development in an Unequal World. 7th Edition

Year: 2016 | Published by: 80:20 Educating and Acting for a Better World, New Internationalist

80-20 Development in an Unequal World introduces, explores and challenges the key issues and daily realities in human development, human rights …

Sustainable Development Goals: Education Resource for Teachers and Facilitators

Year: 2016 | Published by: Concern Worldwide

This is a resource aimed at teachers and youth leaders to introduce the Sustainable Development Goals. The resource is ideal …

10 Myths About Global Hunger: sorting facts from fiction

Year: 2018 | Published by:, Professional Development Service for Teachers (PDST)

The 10 Myths About…. series looks to sort facts from fiction on key global development, human rights and justice issues.

Young Environmentalist Awards Programme Manual: How to Carry Out an Environmental Action Project for Young People & Their Project Mentors

Year: 2017 | Published by: ECO-UNESCO

This Young Environmentalist Award programmemanual is designed to empower young people (aged 10-18) by providing guidelines and tools to think …

What USE is my mobile phone? A toolkit

Year: 2017 | Published by: Youth Work Ireland Tipperary

What USE is my Mobile Phone? begins begins with the question: ‘Can we use our phones to change how we …

What’s the PhotoStory Syria-Tipperary? A teaching resource for youth and community workers

Year: 2017 | Published by: Youth Work Ireland Tipperary

A resource for youth workers, community workers and for teachers, it was developed with fifteen young people from Syria and …

Video: Smother Earth Supermarket

Year: 2018 | Published by: Trócaire

Plastic food packaging is a major cause of pollution in our world today. The manufacture and disposal of this packaging …

1807-2007: Over 200 years of campaigning against slavery

Year: 2005 | Published by: Anti-Slavery International

Anti-Slavery International produced this report as part of its campaign to use the 200th anniversary of the end of the …

Peace and Justice: It’s up to YOUth

Year: 2017 | Published by: National Youth Council of Ireland (NYCI)

This resource is about hope. In focusing on Peace and the Sustainable Development Goals  – Goal 16 – this resource …

Everyday Activism: such is the place where real change begins

Year: 2015 | Published by: Concern Worldwide

Fundamental change involves us all. Activism is a vital part of the agenda for eradicating hunger and absolute poverty, inequality …

Anti-Rumours Resource pack

Year: | Published by: Doras Luimní

The anti-rumours campaign aims to dispel the widespread myths and misconceptions around the topic of immigration and migrant integration, by …

The Info-activism How-to Guide

Year: | Published by: Tactical Tech Collective

The Info-Activism How-To Guide is a new guide for activists, advocates, NGOs and community based organisations who want to use …

Global agreements, grassroots and advocacy – youth and governance in a post 2015 world

Year: 2015 | Published by: Action Aid, British Youth Council, Plan UK, Restless Development

This toolkit is designed for young people who want to be global activists in ensuring young people’s voice is heard …

Divestment Creative Action Manual

Year: 2014 | Published by: Fossil Free

Global Divestment Day falls on February 13th and 14th, and is a time to take on the richest corporations in …