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Equality Labs


The Equality Labs is a Dalit Civil Rights organisation working for caste, gender, and racial equity and religious inclusion. Their website hosts materials, readings and press releases as an emerging transnational collective of people based in India, Nepal, Pakistan, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Maldives, Sri Lanka, West Indies, Trinidad, Guyana, Suriname, and Afghanistan.

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Equality labs is a Dalit civil rights organisation that uses community research, political base-building, culture shifting art and digital security to end caste apartheid, Islamophobia, white supremacy and religious intolerance across the world.

They offer an Unlearning Caste Supremacy reading list and workshop that breaks the silence around caste and offers an insight into the history and legacy of the oppressive system. The workshop, led by a Dalit feminist and Scholar Thenmozhi Soundarajan and Equality labs, offers individuals and organizations resources and tools to shape their own thinking and unlearning caste supremacy. The reading list offers contemporary and historical resources on caste and Brahmanism, anit-caste history, Dalit theology, Dalit literature, and caste in the United States.

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Visit Equality Labs (India) and the Unlearning Caste Supremacy reading list