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COVID-19 Vaccination Tracker

Year: 2023 | Published by: New York Times

This COVID-19 vaccination tracker from The New York Times is updated regularly and shows both national and regional data in …

Equality Labs

Year: 2020 – ongoing | Published by: Equality Labs

The Equality Labs is a Dalit Civil Rights organisation working for caste, gender, and racial equity and religious inclusion. Their …

Tools for Solidarity Action Pack

Year: 2022 | Published by: Tools for Solidarity

Tools For Solidarity delivers an Education For Sustainable Development programme to primary schools, youth groups and adult community groups in …

The global goals we’ve made progress on – and the ones we haven’t

Year: 2018 | Published by: TED

Economist Michael Green explores where progress has been made in relation to the Sustainable Development Goals, and where there has …

Learning about Human Rights in the Primary School

Year: 2019 | Published by: Amnesty International

This pack of ten interactive lesson plans for children aged 5-11 focuses on key development issues such as global and …

Poverty and Inequality

Year: 2021 | Published by: Global Action Plan

This Poverty and Inequality fact sheet from Global Action Plan is one of a collection of five, each focusing on …

Football v Human Rights – Should FIFA Compensate Qatar World Cup Workers?

Year: 2022 | Published by: Amnesty International

In this comedy sketch, Team FIFA are preparing for a match against Amnesty International before the 2022 Qatar World Cup.

Teacher Toolkit: Trade Justice

Year: 2019 | Published by: Self Help Africa

This facilitator’s pack aims to address the challenges trade justice, making the links between poverty and debt, and exploring inequalities …

Brighter Futures Ahead: A Development Education Toolkit for Youth Groups

Year: 2022 | Published by: Trócaire

Brighter Futures Ahead explores food security, gender equality and climate justice in Zimbabwe and Ireland which are some of the …


10 Myths About Inequality Worldwide

Year: 2021 | Published by:

How much do you know about inequalities in the world today? Take a look and explore 10 common myths about …

A Better World: Our World Irish Aid Award 2020

Year: 2020 | Published by: Irish Aid

2020 marks the 15th year of the Our World Irish Aid Award.  The anniversary theme, ‘A Better World,’ invites primary …

Plan International Ireland: Post Primary Development Education Teacher Handbook

Year: 2018 | Published by: Plan International Ireland

Plan International Ireland wants to help make Development Education a part of daily lessons. They have created a user-friendly Teachers …

Rural poverty for older people in Ireland and developing countries

Year: 2015 | Published by: Age Action Ireland

This booklet aims to raise awareness about the experience of older people living in rural Ireland and in rural areas …

Income security: Why it matters for older people everywhere

Year: 2016 | Published by: Age Action Ireland

This booklet aims to raise awareness of income security among older people in Ireland and in developing countries and highlights …

Doing Development Education: Junior Cycle English

Year: 2017 | Published by: WorldWise Global Schools

This resource supports teachers to take advantage of the opportunities to create rich and layered learning experiences and outcomes for …

An economy for the 1% – How privilege and power in the economy drive extreme inequality and how this can be stopped

Year: 2016 | Published by: Oxfam

This paper is part of a series of papers written to inform public debate on development and humanitarian policy issues. …

Development Co-operation Report 2014: Mobilising Resources for Sustainable Development

Year: 2014 | Published by: Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)

Contrary to popular belief, even in the midst of this global financial crisis, Overseas Development Assistance (ODA) levels now stand …

Equality Network Weekend Workshop kit

Year: 2015 | Published by: EIL Intercultural Learning

This workshop aims to explore the theme of equality, drawing from the EIL’s International experience, and provide a forum and …

Through the Looking Glass: a guide to empower young people to become advocates for gender equality

Year: 2014 | Published by: National Women’s Council of Ireland (NWCI)

There has not historically been a strong focus on gender and gender stereotyping as a key contributor to the difficulties …

Power and Equality Workshop Kit

Year: 2014 | Published by: EIL Intercultural Learning

With a focus on issues of power and issues of equality, this workshop kit, developed at the Network Weekend by …