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Ethical Consumerism in European Education Toolkit


The Ethical Consumerism in European Education (ECEE) Toolkit provides background information and workshops of educators in the non-formal sector who wish to address issues of ethical consumption and fair trade with their learners.

Ethical consumption is an increasingly important issue with the European Union as our interconnections with communities around the world increase. The workshops and activities highlight actions that individuals can take toward the goal of sustainable consumption for all people.


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The ECEE Toolkit contains 6 full-length workshops, 3 campaigns and 3 solidarity economy actions. It is available, free of cost, for download.

The resource focuses on how to motivate people to use their power as consumers for the betterment of society and addresses issues of fair trade, ethical consumption, trade justice and sustainable development. It seeks to:

  • promote sustainable consumption and;
  • provide practical advice and suggestions for educators and activists working in the field

This resource includes:

  • Worksheets, activities, background information, case studies and links to websites for further reading
  • Detailed facilitator notes
  • Detailed annotated links to campaigns and initiatives relating to ethical consumerism


Workshop 1: Wants v Needs

Workshop 2: Fair Trade Principles

Workshop 3: Fair Trade v. Fair Trade

Workshop 4: The World in the Supermarket

Workshop 5: The Story of Stuff

Workshop 6: Forum Theatre

Campaign 1: Buy Nothing Day

Campaign 2: Fairtrade Bananas Campaign

Campaign 3: Fairtrade Breakfast

Shared Economy activity 1: Book ‘Sale’

Shared Economy activity 2: Free Shop

Shared Economy activity 3: Free Seeds Market

About this resource: This toolkit was produced as part of a Grundtvig Learning Partnership which included partners from Ireland, Czech Republic, Romania, Poland, Spain and Slovakia.

Available from:

Download ECEE Toolkit PDF (827KB)

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