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SDG 12. Responsible Consumption and Production #SDGchallenge Info Pack

Year: 2018 | Published by: Development Perspectives

Concise digital ‘information pack’ that drives starter ideas for everyone to explore key issues and ideas behind each of the …

Doing Development Education: Junior Cycle Business Studies

Year: 2016 | Published by: WorldWise Global Schools

‘The rationale for junior cycle Business Studies recognises that ‘young people are growing up in a globalised and dynamic’ and …

First taste of chocolate in Ivory Coast

Year: 2014 | Published by: VPRO Metropolis

This short video report on the Ivory Coast looks at the life of small-famers working in the cultivation of cocoa …

Global South Resources online

Year: 2014

Global South Resources is a free collection of resources and lesson plans online for post-primary educators and students designed for …

Ethical Consumerism in European Education Toolkit

Year: 2014 | Published by: Asamblea de Cooperación por la Paz, NaZemi, Polish Fair Trade Association, The Centre of Environmental and Ethical Education Zivica, The Peace Action Training and Research Institute of Romania, Waterford One World Centre

The Ethical Consumerism in European Education (ECEE) Toolkit provides background information and workshops of educators in the non-formal sector who …

Food Security and Food Sovereignty: An abundance of Food but Not Enough to Eat

Year: 2009 | Published by: Latin American Solidarity Centre (LASC)

This online guide focuses on the theme of food sovereignty in Latin America and its links to Ireland.

The World Came to My Place Today

Year: 2004

This 32 page entertaining storybook explains how plants from all over the world are used in our daily routines and …

The Paper Bag Game

Year: 2007 | Published by: Christian Aid

An interactive game that gives an insight into what life is like for poor people who are trying to earn a living. …

The Chocolate Trade Game

Year: 2008 | Published by: Christian Aid

Trace the journey of the cocoa bean from tree to chocolate bar and discover along the way the difficulties workers …

5:50:500 or How the World Rewards The Rich at the Expense of the Poor…and Where We Fit In!

Year: 2010 | Published by: 80:20 Educating and Acting for a Better World

A CD-based development education resource that explores over 130 human rights and development related topics.