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Food Security and Food Sovereignty: An abundance of Food but Not Enough to Eat


This online guide focuses on the theme of food sovereignty in Latin America and its links to Ireland.

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“Increasing food production in Latin America has not provided food security for its inhabitants. The region has been badly hit by the global food crisis which began in 2006, leading to increased poverty, malnutrition and suffering. Food sovereignty is a term coined by interest groups in the Global South, and goes beyond the idea of food security to take a holistic, sustainable and culturally appropriate approach not just to agriculture but to the world and the socio-economic relations that exist in it.”

This resource explores the Food Crisis, its relationship to the current economic model and the need to bring about comprehensive social alternatives to make food sovereignty a reality.

It looks at the definition of food sovereignty, its relevance to Latin America and Ireland, and the causes of a food crisis.

Also included are relevant documents, resources, information, contacts, a comprehensive list of websites and onward links, Alternative Local Agricultural Projects and other campaigns for further research on the issue.

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A LASC development education resource as part of DE activities for the period 2009-2012.


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