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Global agreements, grassroots and advocacy – youth and governance in a post 2015 world


This toolkit is designed for young people who want to be global activists in ensuring young people’s voice is heard around the world. The toolkit helps young people to:

  1. Break though the jargon

  2. Understand the post 2015 agenda

  3. Look at those already involved in global development and examine case studies of young people having their voices heard

  4. Create an advocacy plan

  5. Get connected with organisations that can help you

Resource Details


This resource covers a lot of information in a readable and youth friendly way. At the beginning of the document major ‘jargon’ terms. Then it is straight into covering the sustainable development goals- their history, what they are and how they impact young people. Next there is a discussion on the task team, and why young people’s voices are so important to be included in the post 2015 agenda. There are some case studies, then there is a section on creating your own advocacy plan which comes with worksheets and guides. Overall this resource covers a lot of material in a short space of time, and is youth friendly in its layout. It would be very useful for any group of young people who want to engage in global issues.

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Download Global agreements grassroots advocacy toolkit PDF (3.7MB)