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Global South Resources: South Africa lesson plan


This is resource includes a series of activities that are designed for use with second-level students who are establishing a link with a school in South Africa or have already established the link but need more classroom support.

The activities focus on preparing students for a global learning experience and getting to know their peers in South Africa, as well as working with primary source materials and evaluating their accuracy.

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As well as links to primary sources in South Africa (news articles, videos etc.) this resource includes strong evaluation components for peer-learning and ongoing assessment.

Learning Objectives:

  • Students will distinguish between primary and secondary sources;
  • Students will acquire and use skills to locate primary sources using the internet;
  • Students will critically examine internet sources to determine their validity;
  • Students will be introduced to South Africa through interaction with primary sources.

Contents list:

Part I    Introduction to Global Learning

  • Activity 1 – Across the Great Divide
  • Activity 2 – Cultural Iceberg
  • Activity 3 – Images and Messages

Part II   Working with Primary Sources

  • Activity 4 – Primary vs. Secondary Sources
  • Activity 5 – Evaluating Internet Based Data

Part III  Welcome to South Africa

  • Activity 6 – Looking and Listening to South Africa
  • Activity 7 – Culture Kit
  • Activity 8 – Water
  • Activity 9 – Carbon Footprints
  • Activity 10 – Project Work on South Africa

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