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GOAL Changemakers Resources


Launched as part of GOAL’s Changemakers programme, these creative, curriculum-linked lesson plans and audio-visuals will help primary school teachers explore Global Citizenship with their 1st – 6th class students and inspire action for a sustainable and fair world.

The collection of resources have been developed in line with the Department of Education and Skills’ COVID-19 response plan for safe reopening of primary and special schools. All materials will be implementable with the COVID-19 classroom restrictions.

The Changemakers programme are inviting children to learn about the 17 UN Global Goals (the Sustainable Development Goals) and take action.

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  • Author: GOAL
  • Publisher: GOAL
  • Country of Publication: Ireland
  • Year: 2020
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GOAL have made their Changemakers programme accessible and easy to use. You can choose from any of the following ways to participate, in English or as Gaeilge:

  1. Changemakers Lessons: Curriculum-linked, classroom-ready resources are available for 1st – 6th classes. You and your pupils will be guided through our Changemakers programme with creative activities and interactive audio-visual material, in classroom-ready PowerPoint format. These resources will help you explore Global Citizenship with your pupils and inspire 1st – 6th classes to take action for a sustainable and fair world.
  2. Changemakers Video: Don’t have time to complete all the Changemaker activities, but still want to introduce your class to Global Citizenship? Why not check out our ?ve-minute Changemakers video. In the video, young Changemakers talk about their own experiences of undertaking actions in their communities and their personal journeys to become Changemakers. The video also includes some classes who have previously taken part in GOAL’s Changemakers programme talking about what they learned from this experience! Pupils can do the follow on activity after watching the video.


Teacher Support: While GOAL staff are currently unable to visit the classrooms due to COVID restrictions, support for teachers is available through their Changemakers programme. Step-by-step webinars will answer all your questions about this creative, classroom-ready interactive resource.

Every class that takes part will receive a beautiful World Map for their classroom and a certificate of recognition for taking part in the Changemakers journey.

The Goals have been agreed by UN world leaders and have the power to end poverty, fight inequality, stop climate change and protect our oceans, flora and fauna by 2030. The UN’s call to ‘Leave-No-One-Behind’ on the planet is now more relevant than ever.

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Contact Jessica on email: or on phone: 0863542491 for support and questions in relation to using the Changemakers resource materials.

Check out the Change Makers initiative to take part in these fun, interactive lessons where children work creatively as Global Citizens.