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In the Country of Men


Suleiman is a nine-year-old boy living in Tripoli, Libya. The book documents Suleiman’s life that is embroiled between a father whose clandestine anti-Gaddafi activities bring about searches, stalking’s and telephone hacking by Col. Gaddafi’s state police, and a vulnerable young mother who resorts to alcohol to bury her anxiety and anger.

The only people he has to turn to are his neighbour Kareem, and his father’s best friend Moosa. The book provides a gripping description of Libya under Gaddafi’s terror regime, and a beautiful narration of ordinary people’s lives as they try to survive the political oppression.

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In the Country of Men is a novel about relationships between friends, spouses, comrades and in particularl, parents and their children. Suleiman seeks answers to his many questions, but neither his father, who appears never to be home, nor his mother, who turns to alcohol as a result.

It is a story of great love, fear and repression, in particular under the oppressive dictatorship of Col. Gadaffi.

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