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Intercultural Education in the Primary School – guidelines for schools


‘Young people should be enabled to appreciate the richness of a diversity of cultures and be supported in practical ways to recognise and to challenge prejudice and discrimination where they exist.’

These guidelines are designed to provide support for all the members of the school community, including teachers, school managers, support staff and parents. In this respect, they deal with a wide range of issues including school planning, classroom planning, assessment and the language environment. They are designed to be accessible to people approaching the curriculum from a range of different perspectives.

The audience for the 176 page guidelines includes all those with a responsibility for and interest in primary education. It is of particular relevance to teachers, school managers, school support staff and policy makers. It is hoped that these guidelines will support teachers, both individually and as teams, in developing a more inclusive classroom environment. They will also support whole school planning and policy development within schools and so contribute to developing a school culture that is welcoming, respectful and sensitive to the needs of all children.

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  • Author: Roland Tormey
  • Year: 2005
  • Page Count: 176


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