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Making your case! Advocacy toolkit on Development Education and Awareness Raising


Wondering how to make the case for development education and awareness raising in a context when public spending is under constant pressure and established paradigms of development policies are increasingly questioned?

Looking how to transform the challenges into opportunities for the sector – opportunities, which actually might never have been bigger, in a world where active global citizenship is more needed more than ever before?

This toolkit provides solid arguments, background information and hands on advocacy tools to make the case for development education, towards institutional stakeholders as within civil society, at local as well at national or international level.

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The objectives of the toolkit are:

  • To provide solid arguments for making the case for DEAR towards various stakeholders (national governments, funders, CSOs etc.)
  • To provide hands-on planning and advocacy tools.
  • To gather, outline and discuss case studies and examples analysing and illustrating

The toolkit is structured in four chapters with concrete learning objectives.

  1. The first chapter “Explaining DEAR” aims at clarifying conceptually Development Education & Awareness Raising and outlining its main actors at European level.
  2. The second chapter “Making the case” analyses its importance, provides the arguments on why DEAR should be supported in this particular historical context and outlines the political commitments already made at national and European level.
  3. The third chapter “Advocacy: the basics” aims at introducing the concept of advocacy for those who are not familiar with it.
  4. The fourth chapter “How to develop a successful DEAR advocacy strategy” describes in detail the steps of a successful advocacy strategy plan combining theory, practical examples, tools, tips and case studies.

In all chapters, hyperlinks are used to give easy access to resources and further reading opportunities for those interested to get deeper to certain issues.

This resource is supported with a range helpful illustrations and purple reflection boxes throughout.

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