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Nature’s Way Booklets


A series of full colour and fully illustrated booklets on a variety of environmental issues produced by An Taisce, with the support of the Irish Environmental Network (IEN) biodiversity fund and the Natural Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS).

The booklets are designed “to be fun and informative through brilliant illustrations and engaging, accessible text. The cartoons and illustrations are amusing in places and help readers to remember some of the issues and concepts, as well as inviting them to read the booklet.

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  • Date added: 22nd October 2012
  • Author: An Taisce
  • Publisher: An Taisce
  • Country of Publication: Ireland
  • Year: 2012
  • Page Count: 14


This is a set of 3 fully illustrated; full colour informational booklets that link with Green Schools initiatives. At the end of each booklet there are links and contacts for further exploration:

  1. Biodiversity and Ecosystems in Ireland (2010): 16-page booklet exploring: Bogs, Wetlands and Flood control; water quality and fisheries; biodiversity on the farm, sea life; biodiversity and climate change
  2. Pollinators in Ireland (2011): 12-page booklet exploring: What is pollination; who are the pollinators; why do we need them and what are the threats to their decline?
  3. The Wonder of Peatlands (2012): 16 page booklet exploring the origins and history of peatlands; plant, animal and bird life; peat extraction and threats; climate change; protecting our peatlands

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About An Taisce

An Taisce The National Trust for Ireland was established in 1948 by Robert Lloyd Praegar, an Irish naturalist and historian. Praegar believed the protection of our heritage to be a responsibility shared by all the inhabitants of Ireland, but understood that an independent non-governmental body was required to join the people of Ireland in conserving and protecting Ireland’s heritage.

For more information on An Taisce’s education unit and environmental projects

In addition An Taisce promotes Sustainable Living through the Green Schools, Green Homes, and Green Communities programmes run by An Taisce’s Environmental Education Unit. The Environmental Education Unit also works with IBAL (Irish Business Against Litter), manages the Clean Coasts and Blue Flag progammes, and runs The National Spring Clean.

Available from:

Download Biodiversity and Ecosystems in Ireland PDF

Download Pollinators in Ireland PDF

Download The Wonder of Peatlands PDF