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One World One Future: Irelands policy for international development


This policy on international development set out by the Irish Government was written following a white paper on Irish aid in 2006 and a public consultation process in 2012.

This policy sets out what Ireland’s goals and areas of focus are in regard to development and will guide the Government’s engagement on international development.

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  • Date added: 3rd August 2015
  • Author: Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade
  • Publisher: Government of Ireland
  • Country of Publication: Ireland
  • Year: 2013
  • Page Count: 44


“When the White Paper on Irish Aid was published in 2006, it brought Ireland’s contribution to the fight against global poverty and hunger to the centre of our foreign policy – where it rightly belongs. The White Paper enabled us to consolidate our work, and today we have an aid programme that is amongst the best in the world – one that we can all be very proud of. But we cannot rest on our laurels.”

This document has three parts. The first section details the review of the 2006 white paper and what has been learned in Irish Aid’s experience in the intervening years.

The second section outlines Ireland’s policy stance on international development. The third section sets out the plans for how Ireland can maximise its impact in terms of aid.

Ireland’s official vision statement on global development is

‘a sustainable and just world, where people are empowered to overcome poverty and hunger and fully realise their rights and potential.’

This document details the various concepts involved in achieving this vision.

The review section discusses Ireland’s achievements so far, what the department has learned since the 2006 paper and an outline of what is the focus of this policy from the learning of the review.

The policy outline describes Irelands three development goals:

Goal 1: Reduced hunger, stronger resilience
Goal 2: Inclusive and sustainable economic growth
Goal 3: Better governance, human rights and accountability

which will inform six key areas for action:

  1. Global Hunger
  2. Countries that are fragile (See our work in Sierra Leone and Liberia as well as how we work in Emergencies)
  3. Climate Change and Development
  4. Essential Services including Education, HIV and Aids, Health and Social Protection
  5. Trade and Economic growth
  6. Human rights and Accountability

The final section on Irelands maximising potential outlines several ways in which Ireland can ensure the greatest benefits from its development policy. Examples of areas discussed are accountability, governance, partnerships, communications and awareness raising. The appendix is a resource that systemically describes the process of accounting for Ireland’s development performance.

Overall this document gives an account of the concepts and ideas within Ireland’s international development policy. It outlines the vision, goals and aims that Ireland has for its role in international development.

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