Resource Title

Peace together: Embracing Diversity in Co. Monaghan Schools


A Transition Year resource with a focus on identity and diversity, on stereotyping and discrimination, migration and sectarianism.

Resource Details

  • Author: Antointte Byrne, Hugo Clerkin, Claire Cosgrove, Eoghan Cunningham, Emily Fleming, Eunice Hall, Eimear Harvey, Linda Kilfeather, Connolly, Anne Lillis, Nicola McGee, Rosaleen McSkean, Sarah O'Hara and Emer FitzPatrick
  • Publisher: Monaghan Education Centre
  • Country of Publication: Ireland
  • Year: 2011
  • Page Count: 104


The resource is divided into 8 units focusing on Diversity and Me, Understanding myself, Getting to know Our Community, A Sense of Belonging, Looking at Migration, Peace-ing it all together and Action Research.

This resource is detailed and easy to use; strong activities base, worksheets, onward links, teacher discussion points and research suggestions.

Some of the features of this resource include:

  • exploring attitudes around symbols and labels
  • self assessment activities on attidudes toward communities
  • investigating cultures in Monaghan
  • analysing conflict, the opinions of minorities and examining the past
  • a glossary of useful terms

Available from:

Download Peace Together PDF (8.00MB)

More information on the Monaghan Education Centre and queries on ordering a CD-Rom version of Peace Together