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Show Racism the Red Card Teacher Education Pack


The 28-page teacher education pack is a training manual focused on supporting teachers to familiarise young people with the causes and consequences of racism; enable skills to challenge racism, develop good relationships and respect difference, and encourage active participation in a diverse Ireland.

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‘Show Racism the Red Card’ is a 28 page teacher education pack developed by an Irish charity of the same name. The organisation aims to “harnesses the profile of sports personalities and others to communicate an anti-racism message.”

The manual and accompanying video are set out in 6 separate sections:

Section 1 – What is Racism?

Section 2 – Racism in Society

Section 3 – Racism in Sport

Section 4 – Racism and its Consequences

Section 5 – Sum up of actions and steps in response to racism

Section 6 – Living in a Diverse Ireland

The pack contains an online video (or DVD) which can be viewed in sections and there are suggested group activities and games related to the sections.

The appendix section has a very good policy discussion on the UN declaration on Human Rights, the European charter, NCCRI and its relevance to racism.

Suggested Use

  • At senior primary level, the pack can be used in the Developing Citizenship, Media Studies and Myself and the Wider World Strand Units of SPHE.
  • It is applicable in particular to the Human Dignity and Rights and Responsibilities modules of the CSPE curriculum in second level, and can be incorporated into other subjects such as history, geography and religion.
  • It can also be used in Transition Year for example: develop a project with a view to entry into the Young Social Innovators Awards.

Further Reading

The website also includes news stories covering aspects of racism in Ireland and abroad and their responses to racism.  There are stories on how racism affects particular groups whether based on colour, nationality, religion or other status including Irish Travellers.

Other info

The charity ‘Show Racism the Red Card’ offer training for facilitators and teachers wishing to use their resources.

Available from:

Download 9 factsheets by SRtRC that explore relevant themes which feature in different subjects in the curriculum as interactive pages:

  • Sport & Racism
  • Football: A Man’s Game
  • What Can You Do?
  • Racism Today
  • Standards
  • Racism: Brief history
  • Racism & Fascism
  • Civil Rights
  • Travellers & Racism
  • Asylum Seekers & Refugees