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Video: Smother Earth Supermarket


Plastic food packaging is a major cause of pollution in our world today. The manufacture and disposal of this packaging is increasing climate change at home and overseas, driving hunger and instability across the developing world.
Youth groups Youth Work Ireland Meath, SWAN youth service – CDYSB Dublin 1, CAPE – Youth Work Ireland Galway and Unforgettable Womens Network Dublin have launched PACK IT IN: a campaign to reduce plastic packaging in supermarkets.

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The campaign is calling for supermarkets to:

  1. Make more loose fruit and veg available in their stores
  2. Replace their plastic packaging with more sustainable options
  3. Provide recycle areas at the checkout for customers

The groups are running Pack It In campaigns in their local areas to raise awareness about climate change and the need for us all to live more sustainably.

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For more, visit the PACK IT IN campaign page on Trócaire