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Start Now! Activate toolkit


This resource provides a guideline for young people to take on an issue that they care about and become activists.

The toolkit includes interactive worksheets and guidelines that are easy to follow, as well as short paragraphs on each step so that young people get a better understanding of the process.

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This resource takes a young person through ten steps of becoming an activist:

  1. Build your team
  2. Write your mission
  3. Get support
  4. Assign roles
  5. Decide on the issues
  6. Work out your goals
  7. Make a plan
  8. Spread the word
  9. Take action
  10. Keep it going

Each step has a unique and exciting template or worksheet to guide the young person’s activism. These can be filled out and collected along the way to serve as a framework and a reference point during the project.

This resource is a part of the ‘It’s about us!’ series.

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Download Start now! Activate Toolkit PDF (11.4MB)

This resource is a part of UNICEF’s ‘It’s about us!’ series