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Teacher Toolkit: Introduction to Development Education


This facilitator’s pack aims to address the challenges of the rapidly changing, interdependent and unequal world in which we live; making the connections between poverty, social justice and inequality in the ‘Global South’ and our own lives; and what we can do to address these issues.

It offers resources to make workshops a relatively straightforward yet rewarding experience for teachers, and participative, stimulating and fun for students.

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Our toolkits and guidelines are developed from workshops we have been delivering in schools throughout Ireland. We encourage facilitators to draw on them as a starting point, to adapt them to their own teaching styles and needs. Avoiding the pitfall of thinking that s/he knows all there is worth knowing about a particular topic, the facilitator must begin at where students are with the issues, and take it from there.”

This 8-page educator’s introduction to development education provides:

  • methodologies
  • some general guidelines
  • group work and moving debates
  • using different media
  • assessing active learning methods
  • links and resources

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