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Website: Africa is a country


“The title of the blog is ironic and is a reaction to old and tired images of “Africa”. We deliberately challenge and destabilize received wisdom about the African continent and its people in Western media — that definition includes “old (nationally oriented) media,” new social media as well as “global news media”.

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“Media here means more than journalism; it is also art, music, film, books, graphic design, etcetera. We don’t spend all our time criticizing though. We also celebrate and feature work that we think complicate the old, ahistoric and objectional images. We want to introduce our readers to work by Africans and non-Africans about the continent and its diaspora that have worked against the old and tired images of Africa.”

This brilliantly titled blog does exactly what it states above by challenging lazy stereotypes of Africa and homogeneous views of Africans by criticising mainstream media and by bringing African music, art, books and popular culture into discussions and debates.

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