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WEBSITE: Irish Development Education Association


The website of the Irish Development Education Association (IDEA); it offers an overview of what development education(DE) is and a history of the subject; training information on organisational, freelance and DE practitioner supports; working group opportunities; policy and advocacy developments and public consultations info; a guide to case studies in DE practice and an overview of DE beyond Ireland, especially across Europe.

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IDEA is the Irish Development Education Association. IDEA’s vision is of a world based on global justice, solidarity, equality and sustainability. IDEA sees development education as an essential process that empowers people to create this world.

“We are a member-based organisation. Our mission is to work with our members to promote, support and enhance development education throughout the island of Ireland. We achieve this by:

– acting as a representative voice of Ireland’s development education sector

– encouraging shared learning and improving standards of practice within the development education sector.”

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News, updates on task and issues related to the three working groups comprised of IDEA members (Quality and Impact working Group; Community Sector Working Group; Regional Working Group; Formal Education Working Group)