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What USE is my mobile phone? A toolkit


What USE is my Mobile Phone? begins begins with the question: ‘Can we use our phones to change how we see the world?’ and takes participants on a journey from personal use of the phone to asking how it is made and what are the conditions like for the workers?; then onto different uses of the phone globally (walking in some one else’s shoes with a mobile) and finally the participants experience having to flee their homes due to conflict, relying on the smartphone as an essential tool.

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“Migration is one of the biggest stories of our time. There are other related stories too on inequality, conflict, injustice, poverty and climate change. Social media and newspaper headlines can encourage fear. We need to look beyond the headlines to see people, understand their stories AND our relationship to these stories.” The 7 ‘sessions’ that the toolkit was based on, integrating the feedback and experiences in delivering the exercises, drew on a series of workshops with young people aged 12-18. This resource contains:
  • 7 sessions with materials, time note and age suitability
  • information, fact cards and onward reference points
  • active learning methods i.e. role play cards and theatre
  • sessions linked to specific Sustainable Development Goal and these are part of the learning experience; specifically, thematic focus on SDG 16. peace and justice, SDG 8. decent work and economic growth, and SDG 12. responsible consumption and production

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