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Youth guide on education for peacebuilding and the prevention of violence


This Guide aims to strengthen the capacity of youth leaders in Africa to contribute to peace building through education, and for them to empower young people for the prevention of violence, the promotion of a culture of peace and mutual understanding and respect among peoples.

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The Guide is structured in the following chapters:

Chapter 1 highlights the dynamics of violence and peace across Africa, as well as the role of young people to contribute to peace building, and invites you to reflect on the context in which you want to implement your programmes and activities.

Chapter 2 highlights the role of education and transformative pedagogy in contributing to peacebuilding and prevention of violence and helping you reflect on the importance of your programmes and the type education and learning that is required to equip young people to influence change.

Chapter 3 introduces the elements of transformative pedagogy that can then strengthen the focus on peacebuilding and prevention of violence in your programmes.

Chapter 4 guides the users through practical guidelines on how you can design and implement programmes integrating transformative pedagogy.

Chapter 5 presents a collection of activities that you can adapt and customize as needed to include in your programmes. These activities can help strengthening knowledge and skills for peace building, as well as provide you with examples of actions that you can organize in your communities to contribute to challenging stereotypes and prejudices, promote dialogue, raise awareness about issues that affect you, promote positive narratives and lead change through innovative solutions and community engagement.

Chapter 6 presents simple tools and practices that you can use to monitor the progress of your programmes and evaluate them. Some of these examples were collected from participants during the youth consultation workshops that took place as part of the development of this guide.

Chapter 7 presents a collection of youth-led actions as examples of education for peacebuilding and prevention violence that can inspire you.