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My top 10 life changing ‘good news’ trends from 2013

Recent debates on the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and on the measurement of human development have highlighted a series of highly significant and life enhancing developments as regards people’s most basic human needs in recent decades.  Despite ongoing injustice and inequality (the latter increasing year on year) millions of the

Famine Walk

The Famine Walk project is an annual walk commemorating those who died in the Irish Famine and about linking the famine experience in Ireland with contemporary issues of famine and food insecurity in the world. It aims to raise awareness about current injustices by reflecting on our own historical experience.

10 best female pioneers?

image: We Can Do It poster by Howard J. Miller (1943) Yesterday UK newspaper The Observer updated its The 10 Best… series by launching the 10 best female pioneers of all time. In their opinion the top 10 female pioneers of trailblazing women, from suffragettes to style icons are:

50 Picturebooks to Change the World

Thérèse Hegarty and Patricia Kennon explore picturebooks in learning contexts and how they encourage discussions of friendship, conflict, struggle, norms, points of view, difference and injustice in a distanced way, therefore allowing sensitive issues to be discussed without direct disclosures about the children’s own lives.

Development Education: roots and values

Photo: third world exploitation poster spotted in Toronto (Jan 26, 2013) by Mary Crandall. CC NC-ND 2.0 license via Flickr Recent years have witnessed many ongoing calls for a ‘definitive definition’ of development education (DE) and failing that for abandoning the term in favour of, inter alia, human rights education,