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SDG 2. Zero Hunger #SDGchallenge Info Pack

This info pack explores the topic of zero hunger, the focus of SDG 2 and includes: Easy-read introductory exploration of ideas and realities behind achieving zero hunger A 4-step approach – Explore the Goal; Understand; Act; Share 5 personal challenges for participants to work on Info packs are updated monthly

Launching 10 Myths About World Hunger – sorting facts from fiction

Today is World Food Day and we are delighted to launch a new pocket-booklet, 10 Myths About World Hunger as part of a new series that looks to sort facts from fiction on key global development, human rights and justice issues. Check out the quick guide to lesson plan ideas

Farmers using mobile phones in the fight against poverty and hunger across Africa

Mobile phones aren’t just useful as alarm clocks or for making calls, updating your social status and sending messages. Dorothy Jacob from international development NGO Self Help Africa reflects on how farmers in Malawi, Kenya and Uganda are using innovation and technology to lead the fight against hunger. Our lives

Confirming Hope

“Explores how Confirmation can play a key part in the development of global citizens in Ireland and examines how God, through Confirmation, can help and equip us to help to be more active citizens” The teaching resource Confirming Hope: Is split into 4 sessions that each includes: an SDG, Team

14 videos on our international food system and why it needs to change

In the lead up to World Food Day on October 16, Tony Daly presents 14 videos related to food, covering food waste, food production, energy and solution-based ideas that go against the grain. This blog forms part of the #ZeroHunger series, brought to you by the Professional Development Support Service

Are you ready for World Food Day 2018?

Tuesday next week, the 16th October, is World Food Day. Toni Pyke sketches out the background to the international day and introduces a new #ZeroHunger series, brought to you by the Professional Development Support Service for Teachers (PDST),, Concern Worldwide and Self Help Africa. World Food Day (WFD) commemorates

A guide to 5 quick activities on World Food Day

Five quick-fire activities to get you started on teaching the issues, the debates and key ideas around World Food Day, by Colm Regan. Scoilnet World Food Day portal – a great place to start. A teacher-led set of activities and resources covering a large range of hunger and food related