Launching 10 Myths About World Hunger – sorting facts from fiction

Today is World Food Day and we are delighted to launch a new pocket-booklet, 10 Myths About World Hunger as part of a new series that looks to sort facts from fiction on key global development, human rights and justice issues.

Check out the quick guide to lesson plan ideas and teacher activities to support further engagement with World Food Day 2018 too, as well as the various blogs and features below.

The #ZeroHunger series is brought to you by, the Professional Development Service for Teachers (PDST), Concern Worldwide and Self Help Africa.

Toni Pyke reflects on the humanitarian and political crisis in Yemen following international pressure mounting in the last week and looking at Yemen’s standing in the Global Hunger Index – Yemen’s alarming crisis: ‘The worst famine in the world in 100 years’.

14 videos on our international food system and why it needs to change by Tony Daly

Farmers using mobile phones in the fight against poverty and hunger across Africa by Dorothy Jacob

Levelling the field: supporting Africa’s women farmers – a photo essay by Dorothy Jacob

This online gallery is based on Self Help Africa’s “I am…” exhibition which opened to the public in August 2017 and includes the introduction to the exhibit and a photo essay of ten farmers.

Toni Pyke’s blog introduced the #ZeroHunger series with background notes on the story behind how World Food Day started.

Plus a cartoon by Brick as part of Colm Regan‘s guide to 5 quick activities on World Food Day: