‘Partnership for the Goals’ – the 2021 Our World Irish Aid Awards

Primary schools initiatives alert!

This just in from Real Nation, on behalf of Irish Aid. The new Global Goal Getters interactive magazine is well worth a look too.


Launched in February 2021, the Our World Irish Aid Award theme ‘Partnership for the Goals’ invites primary teachers and pupils to learn about the work of Irish Aid in partnership with others in over 130 countries to help progress the United Nations Global Goals for Sustainable Development.

Schools and homes are supported with:

This year, pupils are invited to submit an entry (or entries!) for the interactive Global Goal Gettersfor kids by kids! online magazines by kids, for kids. Global Goal Getters issue one was published in February 2021 and is jam packed with great entries including short videos, poems, drawings, crossword puzzles and word searches.

Entries for issues two and three of the Global Goal Getters can be sent until the end of April 2021.

For more details, visit the Our World Irish Aid Awards website.


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